How to cancel kahoot subscription

How To Cancel Kahoot Subscription? Types & Methods

Do you know how to cancel kahoot subscription? If you use the Kahoot premium and don’t want to pursue the offer, you can cancel it anytime. In this article, we will share the complete information and guidelines through which you can cancel the Kahoot app subscription easily. 

Types Of Kahoot Subscription Cancellation 

There are several types through which you can know how to cancel kahoot subscription.

Subscription Cancellation:

This type of cancellation will stop the renewal of the existing packages. Through the simple cancellation, you can use the current package until your package goes through the prepaid period. 

Termination Of Package:

This option will immediately terminate your Kahoot packages. After choosing this, your package will be downgraded to the free or basic packages. 

How To Cancel Kahoot Subscription? Step By Step Guide

If you want to know how to cancel Kahoot subscription, you can do it with a few simple steps. 

  • First of all, log in to your Kahoot account. Click on the account settings.
  • From the settings, click on the “Billing” option.
  • Now click “Manage Subscription” from the Kahoot!+ access pass. It will open a page where you can check & change the payment details. 
  • Now, you have to select the cancel subscription.
  • Kahoot will confirm the cancellation. For this purpose, you need to follow the instructions to complete the cancellation. That’s why the account will be degraded to the basic Kahoot account after the billing period. 
How To Cancel Kahoot Subscription Step By Step Guidance

Cancellation Through Android 

  • You can also cancel your Kahoot subscription through Android by launching the Google Play Store. Tap on your profile icon.
  • From the menu options, select the payments & subscriptions.
  • Click on the Kahoot subscription button and cancel the subscription. 

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Cancellation On IOS Via Itunes

  • If you purchased the Kahoot subscription plan through iTunes, you first open the application settings on your iPhone.
  • Now tap on your name. Sign in to your Apple Id. 
  • Navigate to the subscription option and cancel the Kahoot subscription by following the confirmation.

Cancellation Through Paypal

You can also cancel your Kahoot subscription through PayPal. For this purpose, you need to follow some simple steps, as I mentioned below.

  • First of all, you need to log in to your PayPal account.
  • Go to the PayPal settings option.
  • Right here, you will see the automatic payment option and select “Manage automatic payment.” 
  • Now, you will see the option of a Kahoot subscription. Click and cancel this offer. 

How to cancel Kahoot Workspace & Subscriptions?

Cancellation Of Kahoot Workspace 

The workspace owners can only cancel the Kahoot multi-license subscriptions for a workspace. Ultimately, this cancellation affects the working and performance of the users with the license. In that way, the owner’s cancellation is directly linked and cancels the subscription fully. 

Cancellation Of Kahoot Individual Plans

As you own your account, you can cancel the subscription anytime. 

Does Kahoot Subscription Cancellation Affect Accounts?

If you cancel your Kahoot account, it will not harm your account. Your account will not be deleted or terminated. However, you cannot use the premium features and options on your Kahoot app. The cancellation will affect the Kahoot prepaid plan and will not renew the subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot follows a no-refund policy for upgrades, cancellations, payments, terms, and conditions. That clearly indicates that you are not getting any refund if you paid any amount. 

Kahoot offers both monthly and annual subscription plans. You can choose any subscription according to your own plan and account type. Kahoot unlocks the world of exciting games for you with its subscription plans. 

You can also change your Kahoot subscription within a few simple steps. First of all, you have to click on your profile. Now open your account settings menu & select the option of billing. You can manage and change the Kahoot subscriptions on the Kahoot billing page. 

Yes, Kahoot also offers a limited free trial for specific Kahoot packages. Most of the Kahoot paid plans offer a seven-day Kahoot trial to the users to experience the advanced features of the Kahoot app. 


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