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Create Kahoot For Students – Cost, Benefits & Disabilities

Kahoot is a unique digital learning tool that is helpful for students to learn, practice, and create different learning games. Digitally, motivating your learning and boosting the student’s confidence is a great idea.

Students must be made aware of using Kahoots and how to improve their learning for the best results.

In this article, I will highlight the features, workings, and benefits of Kahoot for students. It includes the free and paid plan options for the students and how they can create a variety of kahoots using it.

What Is Kahoot For Students?

Kahoot is the main digital learning tool, enabling students to learn through digital means. Kahoot students can learn and complete their practices and school assessments using Kahoot. This tool enabled the students to build confidence and strengthen their concepts. Encouraging students to improve their knowledge using social platforms can be a great idea.

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Important Kahoot Instructions For Students

  • Students can access Kahoot easily through the app and website.
  • For basic and free Kahoot, students can add up to 10 members to the playing sessions.
  • Students can create and share games in the Kahoot study groups.
  • Students can use the Kahoot Discover tab to assess thousands of games on the Kahoot app.
  • Using the create option, they can create their own kahoots and set privacy to public and private modes.
  • To join a gaming session, students can directly insert the game pin shared by their teachers and join the game. 
  • For self-playing, students can choose the classic game mode, and for team playing, they can choose the team mode to play games.
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How Do You Create Kahoot For Students?

Students can create the Kahoots themselves, and parents or teachers can create different types of playable cahoots for students. Teachers and students can open their accounts, and by clicking on the create option, they can enter the questions and Mcqs with the use of media to make them attractive, and then it can be shared with the students through the Kahoot Game pin.

Kahoot For Elementary Students: How It Is Helpful?

Children aged 3 to 8 can engage in playful, controlled, and exciting games. For elementary school students, Kahoot is helpful and promotes the following types of games to build the students’ concepts:

  • Children can play and crack the learning codes from 3 to 8.
  • For ages 4 to 9, students can learn and practice math using algebra, basic numbers, and other fun games.
  • It makes advanced multiplication, division, and other concepts easier for students to understand.
  • It focuses on providing motivation and focus to students using different games for students aged 5+ years.
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Kahoot Paid Offers For Kids

For a kid, Kahoot also unlocks more features with their special paid package. This plan is helpful to let them learn core skills, math, English, and other subjects. Kids can also enjoy the family game shows with the help of other apps. 

Kahoot Kids cost $3.99 per month and $47.99 per year. 

How Kahoot Works For Students With Disabilities?

  • It’s helpful for social and emotional knowledge and growth. Disabled students can improve their learning disabilities, which can be useful for engaging them with digital learning. 
  • Family cahoots can also be created to engage children with their studies and other activities with their parents. 
  • Disabled students can learn without any classroom access and go to school regularly. Students can learn from the comfort of their homes and clear their concepts. 
  • For disabled students, there are also the features of using the Kahoot features with the help of some spacebar keys and alt and enter buttons. 
  • Kahoot also offers read-aloud options that help complete and play the Kahoots. 
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Does Kahoot Have Free Plans For Students?

Kahoot offers free learning through the addition of different types of games. Students can use this amazing tool to upgrade their knowledge by using their gaming tools, quizzes, and courses, and they can also create fun quizzes by themselves. 

However, Kahoot also offers upgrade options to the students. By choosing that option, students can use more and explore more features of the Kahoot app. Students can choose three types of packages.

Inclusions In Free Kahoot Version

In the Kahoot free version, you can find the following features that are as follows:

  1. Free Kahoot offers the option of Creation within the app. You can create and save various types of cahoots and games for the users.
  2. You can create study groups in the free version. However, it allows you to add up to 10 members within these groups.
  3. You can share and add up to 10 players in the games.
  4. The free Kahoot options are available for all types of accounts.
  5. You can switch the account services and features into international languages as well.
  6. Besides this, you can also take different online courses for free in multiple languages.
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Kahoot Paid Plans For Students

Kahoot offers three types of paid plans for students that are as follows:

  • Kahoot!+ Start for students at $3.99/month; annually, it will charge $48.
  • Kahoot!+ Premier for students costs $7.99 per user/month and $96/year. 
  • Kahoot!+ Max for students costs $12.99 per user/month and $156/year.

Kahoot Discount Offers For Students 

Kahoot also provides discount offers to the students as well. According to the discount holiday offer Kahoot!+ Max for students costs $9.99 per user/month and $120/year.  

Kahoot Benefits For Students 

Kahoot positively and strongly impacts the students with the quality of their education. They are supportive of making the students more confident and intelligent. Besides this, Kahoot has strong benefits for the student’s learning. 

  1. Kahoot for Students offers most of the learning features for free.
  2. Students can get engaged in the formative assessments and other options.
  3. They can find any subject-based games easily on the application.
  4. These are helpful to motivate the students’ learning and improve their academic performance.
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  1. It allows students to have healthy activities and competition with their classmates. 
  2. Kahoot is free for students to use. 
  3. Students can also take sessions, lessons, and courses. Besides this, they can create study groups with friends and classmates. 
  4. Kahoot has an easy interface that makes its utilization easier for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Students Practice A Kahoot?

Students can practice a game by selecting the play solo mode. Afterward, they can repeat a specific game and practice it for any assessment. This feature allows the students to play on their own. 

Q. What Are Kahoots Learning Objectives?

The main learning objectives of the Kahoot are as follows.
It increases the student’s participation in learning.
Students can engage and be involved in the activities and creativity.
They can introduce the new meanings of learning and lessons to the Students.
Students can learn new courses. 

Q. What Is The Impact Of Kahoot On Students? 

Kahoot leaves a positive impact on the students’ lives. It improves the student’s performance and deals with the important dynamics to improve their learning level. Teachers and students are satisfied with the outputs of Kahoot learning. 

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