How to cheat in kahoot

How To Cheat In Kahoot? Methods & Impacts

Everyone wants to win in the Kahoot games but they don’t know how to cheat in Kahoot or not. Yes, it’s possible to cheat securely in a Kahoot. In this article, I will share the complete details of cheating methods in a Kahoot. By using these tricks, you can win the Kahoots. 

How To Cheat In Kahoot? Method’s With Details 

When playing Kahoots, you can also cheat using simple tricks and using inappropriate ways of cheating during Kahoot! You can ban your account or expose your cheating. That’s why you must be careful while doing that. With this, I will share some simple and more accessible tricks how to cheat in Kahoot. 

1. Open Kahoot On 2 Browser Tabs 

It’s the safest cheat method. By using the 2 Kahoot tabs, the players can cheat in a Kahoot game.

  • In this cheating method, first, you must join a Kahoot game you are playing through the Kahoot pin codes. 
  • Open another tab, open the Kahoot website, and search for the exact Kahoot game. There, you will see the option of “see answers” on the right side of the Kahoot game. Click extract answers and win your Kahoots. 

2. Kahoot Hack Chrome Extension

There are many Kahoots! Cheat websites that allow one to extract the correct answers during the gameplay. You have to download the Chrome extension for this purpose. Afterward, while playing the Kahoots, you have to open the browser that supports the Chrome extensions. It’s a convenient method to select the correct answers. 

3. Send Kahoot Answering Bots 

  • First, you must search ” Kahoot bots ” on the browser.” You will find some websites offering the Kahoot bots. 
  • Open a Kahoot bot site and fill up the Kahoot details, Kahoot game pin, and nickname, and the bot will join and answer the questions at your place. It’s a great way to pass the educational tests using it. 

Popular Kahoot Bots

Some of the popular Kahoot bots are as follows:

  • Kahoot Ninja
  • Kahoot flooder
  • Kahootify
  • Kahoot smasher

4. Change IP Address Using VPN & Cheat

When you are opening extra tabs and cheating the Kahoot, you can get caught. To cheat in Kahoot, you can use the VPN and change the location to extract and seek help from the Kahoot cheat sites or open another Chrome using extensions to know the answers. 

5. Third-Party Kahoot Cheat Websites 

Some famous third-party websites are as follows:

  • Kahoot-win. Heroku app
  • mem. rip/Kahoot
  • Kahoot Rocks

However, these websites are often risky to cheat for your tests, but you can try these by installing a VPN. These websites allow you to check for the correct answers by sharing the Kahoots link. However, you must be careful and use it at your own risk. 

Third-Party Kahoot cheat websites

What Are Cheat Codes On Kahoot?

You know how to cheat in kahoot! These are the specific types of codes that are not officially linked with the Kahoot app or nether these are advertised. However, these particular types of code can unlock the hidden access to Kahoot. These codes can be used in unfair ways, such as skipping a question, showing answers, cheating, and unlocking hidden Kahoot content. 

Consequences Of Kahoot Cheat

There can be some consequences of Kahoot cheating that are as follows: However, it’s not an excellent option to cheat, and they can face the consequences of it. 

  • Their accounts can be banned permanently from using the Kahoot features.
  • It disturbs the scores of the other students.
  • It demotivated the students to study. Instead, they looked for sources to complete the task without any effort.
  • Students lose their performance and focus on their studies. 
  • It can be costly to send Kahoot bots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I can get 1000 points for each correct answer. However, if there’s a timer in the gameplay, the points may be affected depending on the speed of answering. If the players select the wrong answer, then they will get 0 points for each answer. 

There are no Kahoot cheat codes available to win the Kahoots. Only the Kahoot codes are used to join the game, which also expires after the game session ends. 

If you are playing Kahoot Quiz, jumble, or any other games on Kahoot, it will show the top 5 players on the scoreboard.

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