Kahoot vs Ahaslides

Kahoot Vs Ahaslides: Plans & Features

Do you know which one is better in Kahoot Vs Ahaslides? Both are online platforms in which you can use the thousands of prepared slides, quizzes, and formats. If you are stuck in to find out which is beneficial for you, then let me help you. 

In this article, I will compare the Kahoot Vs Ahaslides in detail, including their features, plans, pros, and cons. 

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Kahoot Vs. Ahaslides: Detailed Comparison

Features Of Kahoot And Ahaslides

  • Kahoot: It was founded in 2013. You can use the more accessible interface through its website and applications. You can discover cahoots and online courses by verified profiles. You can play, create, and share the games and play together as a team. 
  • Ahaslides: It was founded in 2019. It’s a cloud-based platform with no iPhone or Android application options. It is mainly helpful for business people to create and utilize it for custom events, meetings, classrooms, and conferences. It allows you to complete editing modes. 

Game Types

  • Kahoot: It includes polls, question answers, quizzes, polls, puzzles, actual false, flashcards, and challenges. 
  • Ahaslides: The game types of the ahaslides mainly include Q&A sessions, polls, presentations, and quizzes. 

Role Of Kahoot And Ahaslides In Learning

  • Kahoot: Through Kahoot, teachers can organize test activities, conduct polls, and arrange webinars. Users can use prepared slides and Kahoots and create their own. 
  • Ahaslides: Through the ahaslides, teachers can create different types of lessons and presentations. There’s a lot of customization options in it. Besides this, the poll and question answers benefit teachers using the formats directly. 
Kahoot Vs. Ahaslides Detailed Comparison

Integration Options:

  • Kahoot: It works with Zoom, Hopin, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, excel, social media platforms, etc.
  • Ahaslides: it can integrate with Microsoft Teams, YouTube, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Hopin, and Google Slides. 

Free Plans Of Kahoot And Ahaslides

  • Kahoot: In Kahoot free plans, you can add up to 10 participants per game, use free Kahoot to play, make study groups, and create quiz games. 
  • Ahaslides: It allows seven people to play for free. You can use unlimited content slides, questions, and quizzes in the free Ahaslides plan. 

Paid Plans Of Kahoot And Ahaslides 

  • Kahoot: you can add up to 2000 participants per session in Kahoot paid plans. You can access and utilize premium, free ready-made cahoots, and create exciting games. The paid packages vary according to the account type. 
  • Ahaslides: Its annual plans are reliable and start from $4.95 monthly. 

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot And Ahaslides

A complete comparison of the pros and cons of Kahoot Vs ahaslides is given below. 

Analysis Of Pros Of Kahoot And Ahaslides

The user interface is more accessible, and you can access thousands of ready-made quizzes and other slides. Through advanced technology, students and teachers can interact and learn through quizzes and other games. For training purposes, it facilitates the webinars and documentation. Through the ahaslides, you can get editing access to the gaming mode’s presentable backgrounds, logos, and fonts. In a cost-effective mode, you can prepare different business and learning presentations. For training purposes, it supports the documentation and live online. 

Analysis Of Cons Of Kahoot And Ahaslides

Tracking the personal progress rate is tedious.  There are many chatbots in Kahoot, and Kahoot Spamming attacks are more accessible.Sometimes, it starts to show glitches in the software. Adding the photographs to the presentation could be improved. There’s a limitation of the customizable settings in it. 

Which One Is Better: Kahoot Vs Ahaslides

In comparison and according to the Public reviews, Kahoot still has more ratings than the Aha slides. Users feel that Kahoot app is a far better choice than the Ahaslides. However, for the new update features and roadmaps, direction aha slides are a preferable option. It’s preferable for meetings, events, and conferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In the free ahaslides, there can be 7 participants. However, when it comes to the other plans, there can be 50 participants playing live, or you can also increase the number of participants depending on the plans.

Kahoot is still free, and any user can utilize it. you can prepare Kahoots or add up to 10 participants.

You can create the Kahoots for free in the free Kahoot plans, but they have limited features. Different game types and advanced features are available in the Kahoot paid plan. 

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