How to bypass Kahoot player limit

How To Bypass Kahoot Player Limit? Best Methods

Bypass Kahoot player limit plays a great role while playing games. Kahoot sets a player limit on the games to play. Most users do not know know how to play Kahoots with their own decided number of game players. Don’t you know how to bypass kahoot player limit? You can bypass these player limits simply by following some steps. This article will explore the idea of playing Kahoot games by avoiding the Kahoot player limits. 

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What Is Kahoot Player Limit? 

Kahoot sets a player limit according to the subscriptions and account type. According to the 2024 updates, Kahoot sets the basic plan limit to a restricted ten players. It means you can play or add more than ten up. However, in Kahoot paid versions, the Kahoot player limit is 2000. 

Method To Bypass Kahoot Player Limit

Trying to do something with your account to increase the player’s limit through a third-party app or in a non-legitimate way might result in suspending your account. That’s why you have to proceed with caution. 

With this, I am sharing some legitimate and safest methods to bypass the Kahoot players limit that will not harm your account. 

1. Purchase Kahoot Premium Plan:

First, you can upgrade your account to the premium plan if you want to increase your Kahoot players limit. You can select a Kahoot package according to your requirements and account type. You can purchase its Kahoot Start, pro, premium, premium +, and Edu, which enables you to add up to 2000 players. 

Kahoot PlansPlayers Limit Per Session
Kahoot! 360 Standard20 players 
Kahoot! 360 Presenter50 players 
Kahoot! 360 Pro2000 players 
Kahoot! 360 Pro Max2000 players 
Bypass Kahoot Player Limit for Premium

2. Host Multiple Kahoots:

This could be better if you want to exceed the player limit. You can host the games multiple times so all players can play them. However, you must manage it carefully so the players can participate in these games. There’s no limit to assigning or hosting the Kahoots. 

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3. Exceed Limit Once A Month:

You can also exceed the Kahoot limit once a month with the Kahoot 50 players plan. Through this excess, you can add up to 100 players. This can be activated automatically without starting, scheduling, or enabling it. This is how you can exceed players limit once a month. This is an effective method through which you can easily bypass kahoot player limit.

Method To Bypass Kahoot Player Limit

How To Play Kahoot With Everyone?

You can play Kahoot with everyone, whether or not they have the installed Kahoot application. For this purpose, you need to share the Kahoot game link and Kahoot game code with your friends, and they can join the game simply through their browser. 

Do Student Accounts Have A Player Limit? 

Basic Kahoot plans for students have the limitation of 10 players. However, with the upgrade options, students can increase their player limit. Following are the plans for students to bypass kahoot player limit.

Kahoot Plans For StudentsPlayers Limit Per Game 
Kahoot basicTen players 
Kahoot! + Start for students25 players
Kahoot! + Premier for students50 players 
Kahoot! + Max for students100 players 
Bypass Kahoot Player Limit for Students

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum number of players playing Kahoot per session is 2000. Moreover, this Kahoot player limit is only available for paid Kahoot plans. 

Yes, you can exceed the Kahoot player limit by selecting the Kahoot paid versions according to your requirements, and with the 50+50 player boost, you can increase the limit once a month. 

In an accessible Kahoot player mode, there are restricted limitations of 10 players. It can be a great idea to use small seminars for free. 

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