How to get all the answers right on kahoot

How To Get All The Answers Right On Kahoot? Methods

You want to know how to get all the answers right on kahoot! Playing and answering the Kahoots is fun, but what if you know and play with all the correct answers? Yes, it’s simple to do that. If you want to answer all your Kahoots correctly, you are at the right place. 

In this article, We will share some simple and more accessible tricks to answer all the Kahoots correctly. 

How to Get All The Answers Right On Kahoot?

It’s possible to get all the correct answers using some tricks. To explore the idea to get the correct answers, you have to follow some simple steps that are as follows: 

1. Extract Kahoot Answers Through The Kahoot Website: 

  • First, when you receive a Kahoot pin for playing a public game, open your Kahoot app or go to the browser. 
  • Now, enter your Kahoot code and join the game. 
  • When you click on the code and see the game type and title, it will start.
  • Now open another tab and open the Kahoot website—login to your Kahoot account.
  • Search the game title that you are playing using the Kahoot “Discover” option.
  • Click on the matching Kahoot, and you will see the quiz questions. In the right corner, an option is “Show answers.” Click on that, and afterward, you can check the answers to the quiz questions. 
  • See the correct answers, and now you can correctly answer your quiz questions. 
 Extract Kahoot Answers Through The Kahoot Website

2. Kahoot Winner Apps And Tricks 

You can also get all the correct Kahoot answers within a few minutes through the Kahoot Winner websites and software. For this purpose, you first need to search for the proper Kahoot cheat apps or software and try it out by answering any public Kahoot.

You can access the correct application to answer your tests if you get the answers correctly. 

3. Answer Through A Browser Search

You can also answer your Kahoots simply by opening another tab in your browser or using another mobile device. Like most Kahoot quizzes, set a question to respond within 30 seconds, open another tab, and copy and paste your question. 

Chrome will show you the exact answer or direct you toward the right option. Choose the answers accordingly that match more, and you can correctly answer the quiz using this Kahoot trick. This is the best answer to how to get all the answers right on kahoot.

How Do You Show Questions And Answers On Screen?

As a Kahoot creator, you can also choose to share the Kahoot answers. First of all, you need to click on your build in Kahoot. Afterward, you have to go to the Kahoot settings. On the top bar, you will see the option of “Show questions and answers.” you need to turn it on.

This simple setting will show the questions and answers on the player’s screen when playing Kahoot! Moreover, you can also know know how to get all the answers right on kahoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

While creating the Kahoots, you can also choose the option of multiple correct answers on the Kahoot. For this purpose, users must select the “Multi-select” option from the drop-down menu. Using this feature, players can select multiple answers. This feature is available in the fixed paid subscriptions. 

When you see the game options on the Kahoot app while making the Kahoots, you can select the option of “Randomize order of questions.” Moreover, you can also choose and toggle on the “randomize order of answers.” From the game options, you can select and modify settings. 

When you share your Kahoot with friends or students, you can check their answers, too. On your Kahoot screen, you will see the player options. Right after clicking on the “Players” option, you can see the detailed dashboard. Now, you can check the answers, unanswered questions, and their final scores. 

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