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Kahoot Vs Poll Everywhere: Pros & Cons

Kahoot and Poll everywhere are the platforms that make learning and business easier. Kahoot focuses more on learning, while the Poll is focused on the business audience response system. 

In this article, I will share the complete comparison of Kahoot vs Poll everywhere. This will let you know which app is correct. 

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Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs Poll Everywhere

The complete comparison of the features and nature of the Kahoot vs Poll everywhere is as follows:

KahootPoll Everywhere
Features OutlineKahoot offers gamification learning to their users, who can create their kahoots through this. Easy to use for everyone, it gives the option to Create accounts of 4 types. Its medium is interactive and engaging. It supports LMS and slideware integrations. It provides the option for customization of logos, colors, images, and backgrounds. It’s simple to use. You can Create, modify, and view the data easily through this. 
Free PlansIn the free Kahoot plan, you can play, share, and create the Kahoots and add 10 participants in a game session. In the free plan, you can see advice and vote up to 25 votes. To unlock the other features, including the paid plans, are used. 
Paid PlansThe packages vary according to the account and requirements, starting from $35/monthly. You can find free trials for limited plans. You can get free trials for using the paid plans. Their plans started at $120 annually. Students can be actively engaged and involved in the discussions. 
Role in LearningKahoot offers millions of ready-to-use templates and Kahoots. It saves a lot of time, and you can host your events. It traces the student’s performance and improves their consistency. It has less gamification, and it focuses more on the polls. Students ‘ responses can be recorded through the teacher-designed data, surveys, and polls. 
Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs Poll Everywhere

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot Vs. Poll Everywhere

Pros Of Kahoot And Poll Everywhere

The following are the main pros of Kahoot and Poll Everywhere;

KahootPoll everywhere
It’s a great platform that allows you to make, play, and share excellent quizzes. It builds up motivation and is excellent for team building.It integrates with many other options, such as LMS and other platforms. It’s helpful for the practical understanding of the teachers and students.
Pros Of Kahoot And Poll Everywhere

Cons Of Kahoot And Poll Everywhere

Following are the cons of the Kahoot and Poll everywhere;

KahootPoll everywhere
If a student answers a question by mistake, there’s no way to choose or re-answer options. An unstable internet connection will distort working.While playing the kahoot games, users may sometimes find technical issues while using Kahoot.  Lack of customization features. The data presented by some modes could be easier to understand and read. It can turn off the response time so that all students will get equal points rather than according to the answering speed. Students can’t choose their nicknames. It has a simplistic and dull layout that needs to give feedback right after poll completion. 
Cons Of Kahoot And Poll Everywhere

Which One Is Better, Kahoot Vs. Poll Everywhere?

The audience highly appreciates Kahoot due to their learning and gamification. However, Poll everywhere is preferred by people who love to use it for business perspectives. According to the audience rating, Kahoot is better in the eyes of users. However, both are useful and based on advanced learning technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot also allows you to prepare for the polls. You can add multiple questions, illustrations, and media to boost audience engagement.

Teachers use Kahoot globally, with over 8 million teachers’ accounts worldwide.

Kahoot is mainly designed for learning and uses gamification, while Poll Everywhere is a more business-oriented platform. Poll Everywhere follows the Poll’s medium more than focusing on gamification. 

Yes, you can also find and use the free poll version everywhere. In the accessible mode, you can add up to 25 participants for the voting. 

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