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Kahoot Create Games & Quizzes – Latest Guidelines 2024

Kahoot allows you to create amazing Kahoots (games) in different formats. Kahoot Create creates quizzes, polls, true-false, and other games. You can use it for knowledge, fun Kahoot play, opinions, and other purposes.

Usually, Kahoot users need help in creating, managing, and sharing Kahoot. These features sometimes don’t work for users.

In this article, I will share the complete information on the available Kahoot option types and how you can create these assessments using Kahoot.

Kahoot Create & Play

How Do You Create Kahoots or Games in the Kahoot App?

The Kahoot quiz app allows you to create a quiz by using the following steps:

  1. You can also create Kahoot quizzes in your app. It’s quite easy to use the Kahoot application.
  2. For this purpose, you must log in to your account on the Kahoot app.
  3. Using the Kahoot Create option, you can create different types of assessment games. You can also add up the testing question format and collect opinions from people.

1. Test Knowledge Options

You can create and add different assessment formats for sharing your Kahoot. These include the following:

  • Quiz
  • True False
  • Type answer 
  • Slider 
  • Puzzle
  • Quiz+audio
Test Knowledge Options.jpg

Free And Paid Features Of Test Knowledge Options 

If you use the Kahoot free account, you can play the quiz and true and false Kahoot games for free. However, in premium Kahoot versions, you can design puzzles, sliders, type answers, quizzes, and audio.

2. Collect Opinions

Using this Kahoot feature, you can collect public and personal opinions for your organization. However, these options are available for a premium or pro-Kahoot price only. These optional items include the following:

  • Word cloud
  • Brainstorm
  • Poll
  • Open-ended
  • Drop pin 
Collect Opinions.jpg
  • On the Discover page, you have to check the lower side. You will see the create option here. Click on that.
  • Afterward, you can add questions and images and create fun Kahoots according to your choices.
How To Create Quiz In Kahoot App.jpg
  • After creating a kahoot, you can also find the option of saving it with any specific name, and you can also add credits along with this.
  • Save the changes.
Kahoot create.jpg
  • Besides creating Kahoots, you can also use the Kahoot app to host these games by selecting them and then sharing them with your friends. Any person who is creating and hosting a game on this application is called a Kahoot host.
Kahoot Create Host.jpg

How Do You Create Kahoot Presentations?

The Kahoot app can also present your data and continue your presentations. It enables the audience to add and create their own slides. You can add your required number of slides and insert media accordingly. You can create your business slides and informational content using it.

Present Info Creation.jpg

Kahoot Free Creation Plans and Trials

Most Kahoot options are included in the paid Kahoot plans, according to your account type. However, you can use its true-false, quiz, and presentation skills for free. You can also use Kahoot to create a free trial that is only available for some selected Kahoot plans. These plans offer seven days of free trial.

Benefits Of Kahoot’s Creation For User’s

  • In free user mode, you can create a lot of amazing Kahoots through the app. However, you can also add one premium media file to each Kahoot for free.
  • Teachers can check the students’ performance and keep a record of their improvements. Besides this, they can also give feedback.
  • Using the create option, you can also design and create exciting slides on the app.
  • It can be a great option for increasing school and class engagement.
Benefits Of Kahoot Create For User's.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Create My Own Kahoot?

You can create your own games using the Kahoot Create option. The Kahoot app feature allows you to create and share amazing, fun games. You can add questions and insert media in the templates to make your Kahoots more attractive.

Q. How Many People Can Be On The Kahoot Free Trial?

On Kahoot’s free trial plans, you can create and invite ten players. This feature of Kahoot allows you to play and add them. However, you can also upgrade your Kahoot account plans to add more players for your specific Kahoots.

Q. Can I Create A Kahoot For Free?

You can create limited types of Kahoot with media insertion for free. Not all assessment tools and creative options are available in the free Kahoot account.

Q. Can I create flashcards in Kahoot?

You can also create the Kahoot flashcards through the Kahoot app. Besides this, you can also generate your flashcards by using the Kahoot Create features on your account. You can use a pre-built Kahoot by choosing the study modes and selecting the flashcards feature to play and host these games.

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