Kahoot Vs. Socrative

Kahoot Vs. Socrative: Which App Functions Properly?

Kahoot is a platform that focuses on game-based learning technology. However, Socrative focuses on specific topics and helps students learn through these selective assessments, and you can play and create it as well. 

In this article, I will share the complete details and comparison of the Kahoot Vs. Socrative. Moreover, it includes the pros & cons of Kahoot and Socrative. This will help you choose the right app. 

Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Socrative

A detailed comparison of Kahoot and Socrative are given below; 

Features outlineCreate, play, and share the available Kahoot games or make your own. It also allows you the option of third-party integrations, and progress can be traced through this. You can also get the option to check Kahoot courses. You can individually print or use the quizzes. You can customize the templates and reports. It allows third-party integration options and progress-tracking features.  Using it, you can download the data in PDF and Excel sheets. 
PlatformWebsite, applicationWebsite, application
Game’sThese offer more games of quizzes, true-false, polls, slides, jumbles, and answer questions. There’s an option for team or individual play modes. It focused more on the quizzes. The people can see the right and wrong answers right after answering. You can also answer in groups. 
SharingYou can share cahoots and results on social media. You can invite people through QR codes, links, and Social Media. After creating the quizzes, it can be shared multiple times. 
FeedbackAfter each Kahoot game, the player can check the feedback instantly. Feedback from the players can be received through Exit Ticket offers. 
Free PlanIt allows you to create different variations of Kahoots, you can play any Kahoot for free, and 10 participants can be added per session. In free plans, one activity can be placed at a time, one public class, and 50 students can participate per game. 
Paid PlansIt unlocks more gaming options and question types such as polls, puzzles, true and false. You can use the Kahoot templates. Depending on the plan type, you can add up to 2000 participants per session. Teachers will get the advance reports. In paid plans, more than 20 activities can be launched at a time with more private and public rooms up to 20 in number with 150 students capacity per room.It also includes images in answers, merges quizzes, explanations, and email addresses, and can send reports to the students. 
Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Socrative
Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Socrative.jpg

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot And Socrative

Pros Of Kahoot & Socrative

Following are the pros of Kahoot Vs. Socrative as follows:

You can share the kahoots. It provides a great learning and valuable experience for students and teachers. They can use ready-made material to test students’ knowledgeIt’s a great learning platform that utilizes the latest technology. This can be great fun through which teachers and students can take the assessments. The scoring, customization, Creation, reports, and tracking are easier through this. 
Pros Of Kahoot and Socrative

Cons Of Kahoot And Socrative

Following are the cons or drawbacks of Kahoot & Socrative are as follows:

During the integrations, it sometimes starts to lag. You have only one chance to click and give answers, so you can’t change the selected answers afterward. Free plans only support some of the basic features. The premium plans are expensive and take a lot of time.They are only offering the two-play plans. 
Cons Of Kahoot And Socrative

Which One Is Better, Kahoot Vs Socrative?

Kahoot is considered to be a better option than Socrative from most perspectives. Kahoot is a features-oriented technology that allows you to learn through different gamifications. However, Socrative has limitations in its gamification, such as supporting the long answers that Kahoot needs to be improved. Meanwhile, Kahoot helps with quizes, polls, questions, puzzles, and other games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Kahoot app for free, but it has limited features. It still needs to be fully paid. Kahoot offers different plans that vary according to the account types. 

Kahoot is to be one of the best technology platforms to learn through various formats. Students can improve their learning, and teachers can engage students through this. 

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