kahoot Vs. crowdpurr

Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr: Which App Works Better?

Do you know which works better in kahoot vs. crowdpurr? Kahoot is a game-based technology that you can use for educational purposes. Crowdpurr is an Audience engagement platform that allows you to perform every trivia and collect crowd voting. 

In this article, I will compare the working and all the features of Kahoot and Crowdpurr. Through this comparison you will find the best platform that suits your requirements. 

Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr

Here’s the complete comparison of the properties and format of Kahoot and Crowdpurr. 

Features OutlineKahoot is a learning platform that supports integrations with other mediums. You can check thousands of existing Kahoots on any subject or topic. It offers four types of Kahoot accounts. It includes gamification, surveys, import, export, polls, data visualization, customizable reports, questions, and support collaboration tools. 
TrainingIt supports documentation, webinars, and videos. It supports the webinars, documentation, and videos similarly. 
Functions, Sharing And InterfaceThe interface of Kahoot is easier to use. You can share or host the Kahoot games. Moreover, you can create your game using the already present template; however, you can only modify or customize a design completely. The interface of the Crowdpurr is simple and more accessible. You can use it for polls, surveys, voting, email distribution, customization, and sharing the live results. You can check your activity status on the activity dashboard. 
Platform typeEducational technology Game-based learning Audience Engagement Platform
AccessibilityWebsite, App Website 
Free Plans10 participants per game. You can create a Quiz for free, but the polls, true-false, and other game creations are in premium packages.Twenty people can play a game in its accessible mode. The game is limited to 15 questions per game. 
PricingYou can select a package that starts from $8/month. It also provides a free trial for some plans. Its monthly plans start from $48.99. It also includes the option of a free trial. 
Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr
Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr

Pros Of Kahoot And Crowdpurr 

Following are the pros of Kahoot and crowdpurr

You can use it to create different Kahoots, including polls, actual falses, quizzes, short answers, and many more. Students and teachers can use this application to improve and modify classroom learning. It offers a vast learning medium by allowing you access to learning games, courses, and sharing features. Their customs service is highly active and responds quickly to inquiries. Capturing Leads with EmailIt provides you with the complete option of making customized reports or questions.It’s a significant audience interaction technology, so you can use this medium to collect votes from the audience. 
Pros Of Kahoot And Crowdpurr 

Cons Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr 

Following are the cons or downsides of the Kahoot and Crowdpurr:

Mistakenly chosen answers are considered your final submissions; you can keep them the same.It shows the wrong answers or errors sometimes. That’s why you require a double-check before uploading your created Kahoots. There’s a slight difficulty while using the chat features.Whenever you use live platforms like YouTube, it will start to lag. Its premium packages are expensive. 
Cons Of Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr 

Which One Is Better, Kahoot Vs. Crowdpurr? 

Kahoot app is a better choice if you are searching for a learning application. However, it is suitable for collecting the audience’s opinions and polls if you are looking for Crowdpurr. Both contain the latest technology and integration options. However, Kahoot offers you wider utilization options both in the education and business fields. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the user’s requirements, specific other applications are also available and can be better than Kahoot. Some include Ahaslides, crowdpurr, Slido, Poll Everywhere, and others. 

Crowdpurr integrates with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Microsoft Excel. 

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