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What are the Best Kahoot Alternatives? A Complete Guide

Kahoot is an interactive medium supporting multiple gamification. Many other platforms are also following the interactive learning medium with the addition of amazing features. 

In this article, I will detail the best Kahoot alternatives with their nature and features. Through this, you can find the required platform if you are not interested in Kahoot. 

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Top 12 Best Kahoot Alternatives

Kahoot offers exceptional educational services, and it’s a great learning tool. Are you looking for best kahoot alternatives? However, in replacement of Kahoot, some other applications can be a great alternative. Some of these best alternatives are as follows;

Top 12 Best Kahoot Alternatives

1. Quizizz

It’s a great learning tool accessible through mobile, laptops, etc. It possesses the following features. 

  • In the free version, 25 participants can play.
  • It features AI assistance in it.
  • You can play in various game modes: Classic, live, Student-paced, paper mode, Instructor-paced, test mode, and Mastery Peak. 
  • It allows you to access thousands of publicly available lessons & quizzes
  • You can integrate with the LMS, Schoology, Google Classroom, & canvas. 

2. Factile

It’s a quiz tool that is useful for classroom learning. It possesses the following features. 

  • It allows you to create the quiz for which you can also choose to use its pre-made quiz samples. 
  • Through the use of flashcard decks, students can study for their exams. 
  • It accommodates unlimited players and a limit of 100 teams. 
  • Students can play the games using the buzzer mode. 
  • It allows users to add equations, the addition of pictures & videos to question answers, and AI features. 

Consequently, factile is one of the best kahoot alternatives so far.

3. Quizlet

Learning in a well-developed digital learning platform can be a great option. It possesses features such as; 

  • You can find ready-to-use samples on every topic or subject easily. 
  • It includes a range of learning materials, including study sets and classroom games.
  • It features gamification learning.
  • You can add the vocabulary sets and upload information in a more personalized way. 
  • It also includes the learning of languages. 

4. Wordwall

You can find multiple features in this platform that are useful for its users, which are as follows;

  • It allows printable activities. Its templates are available in interactive & printable versions.
  • You can explore the arcade style games in it. 
  • It includes the classroom Management tools in it. 
  • You can customize the suitable templates and use pre-made activities from this.
  • It allows you to access & change the themes, including fonts, sounds & graphics. 

5. Mentimeter

Mentimeter has the following features;

  • After the meetings, you can run a survey in it. 
  • You can build full presentations in it. 
  • You can download the template and use it in your way. 
  • Moreover you can also turn your smartphone to the presentation remote.
  • It includes beautiful visualizations. 

6. Baamboozle

Some of the main features of bamboozle are as follows;

  • It offers quizzes, but these are simple in format.
  • You can find more than half a million pre-made games there. 
  • It can be used to create interactive homework.
  • No registration is required for it. Through the signup, you can enjoy its features.
  • You can choose to edit the games. 

7. Canvas

The following are the main features of the canvas;

  • Through Canvas Studio, you can engage with students through interactive videos.
  • It includes the features of customizable course creations. 
  • It supports internal communication tools.
  • Course contents can be shared through discussions, modules, assignments & pages. 
  • It supports collaborations through groups & conferences. 
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8. Aha Slides

It has the following features in it;

  • You can use it for polls, word clouds, surveys, scale, and brainstorming.
  • Time limits can be added to the questions.
  • You can use quizzes with the addition of images, text & audio. 
  • Through this, you can access unlimited templates. 
  • It supports multi-slide, collaborative editing, and importing.

9. Gimkit

Some of the main features of the limit are as follows;

  • It supports multiple game modes.
  • Students can get immediate feedback after the games. 
  • It supports and includes collaboration options. 
  • You can build a question library for various topics.
  • It provides complete features of customization & gives Detailed reporting. 

10. Blooket

Blooket includes the following features in it;

  • It allows you to create your own game. 
  • You can customize game settings such as time limit, question number & other settings according to your needs.
  • Moreover, you can share the games with teachers & students.
  • Its leaderboard displays the top players after each game. 
  • You have to enter the game code to join the particular game. 

11. Nearpod

It supports the following features that are as follows;

  • It allows collaboration options with other tools. 
  • Create & deliver the lesson plans using gamification, videos & activities. 
  • You can collect the student’s response immediately.
  • It includes various games: drawing, Memory tests, quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, matching pairs & time to climb. 
  • Visualize and support student understanding.

12. Quizbreaker

It possesses the following features;

  • It supports multiplayer trivia.
  • The team-building quiz allows you to Play it from anywhere.
  • It features gamification, including badges, Streaks, levels, and leaderboards. 
  • Through the game pin and QR code, you can host & invite players. 
  • It features an AI generator inside it. 

These are the best kahoot alternatives we provided details above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot has many similar applications that work in a similar pattern and are also free to use. Quizzes, Quizlet, facile, google classroom, etc. You can also upgrade their accounts to unlock premium features.

Blooket is highly similar to Kahoot both in gamification and working pattern. For fun & engagement, blooket can be a better option, while Kahoot allows multiple features and game modes to play particular games on the Kahoot app. 

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