How to add kahoot to PowerPoint

How To Add Kahoot To Powerpoint? Plans & Benefits

You know how to add kahoot to powerpoint? Kahoot becomes more interactive through the slides and its insertion in PowerPoint to improve the students’ learning experience. In this article, we will share the complete information on Kahoot and PowerPoint integration and how to add Kahoot to your PowerPoint. 

How To Add Kahoot To Powerpoint?

You can also add Kahoot to the PowerPoint by following simple steps. The complete guidance to the steps are as follows:


These reuirements are required to locate how to add Kahoot to PowerPoint, you require the following:

  1. Kahoot paid plan
  2. PowerPoint
  3. Stable internet connection

Feature Availability Accounts

  • Study account’s
  • Business accounts
  • Higher education account
  • Schools account
  • Professional accounts

Steps To Follow: 

  • First, go to the PowerPoint and click on the insert tab on your PowerPoint. The get add-ins follow this insert tab. 
  • Now, you can add the critical contents to your PowerPoint slides.
  • Right now, you can create a Kahoot. 
  • For creating Kahoot, you can add public engagements and participation features in kahoot quiz, accurate false, discussions, puzzles, and type answers format.
  • After creating the Kahoot on PowerPoint, use its share option and click on the copy option. 
  • You can paste this link into Kahoot by clicking on the “PowerPoint add-in. 
  • Afterward, you can further rearrange the data in the slides and edit them to make them more engaging.
  • Now, you can deliver your edited PowerPoint slide and host this Kahoot. 
  • Moreover, you can also insert YouTube videos and embed them in the presentation slides. 

By following these steps, you can easily know how to add kahoot to powerpoint.

How To Add Kahoot To Powerpoint through steps

Kahoot Plans For Adding Kahoot To Powerpoint

You can not import the Kahoot to the PowerPoint through the basic plans. To add these presentations, you have to choose a suitable Kahoot plan. The most useful Kahoot plan for this purpose is as follows:

  • Kahoot! 360 Presenter
  • Kahoot! 360 Presenter for Teams

How do you import PowerPoint slides to Kahoot? Interactive Presentation Guide

You can also add your already available slides on Kahoot. To reuse the content, follow these steps:

  • First, log in to your Kahoot account and click the “Create” option.
  • Click on the panel side with the option of “add slides.” Hereafter, you can import the slides. 
  • For existing presentations, you can click on the upload file by dragging the file into the dialog.
  • After uploading the slides, you can also add, edit, or delete them. 

Important Note:

The imported slides will be presented in Kahoot as a PNG and will not be going to support the animations, transitions, and links in it. 

How do I create an interactive poll in Kahoot PowerPoint?

  • Go into the PowerPoint and click on the option “Insert.”
  • You must click the “Adds in section” to enter the “Poll” option.
  • Afterward, you need to sign into your Microsoft account, or you can also create one account. Later, he connects it with the Kahoot app.
  • Now, you can choose the type of poll from the given options. Customize your settings. 
  • Click on the “start poll” option, and you can start your poll, after which your participants can respond through their devices.
  • After completing the polls, you can also watch the results. 

Benefits Of Adding Kahoot To Powerpoint

It’s an interactive and innovative idea to present the kahoots and engage the students creatively. Kahoot to the PowerPoint has certain benefits that are as follows:

  1. You can create discussions through this.
  2. Participants and hosts can blend the Kahoot slides and create unique presentations.
  3. You can add voice in the kahoots and engage students.
  4. You can leave an interactive impact on your users. 
  5. These PowerPoint kahoots are helpful for remote meetings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For exporting, you have to use the Kahoot share button. According to the visibility settings of your Kahoot, you can copy the PowerPoint link, and then you have to paste the slide by clicking the option “Add Kahoot.” 

  • You can get the Kahoot link by opening the Kahoot’s detail page. 
  • On the title option, click on the three vertical dots given.
  • Hereby, you will find the option of “Share Kahoot.” 
  • Afterward, the option to “copy” will be shown at the bottom section.
  • You can copy it and share this link to play games. 

You can also copy a Kahoot and use the theme and options. You can do it by clicking on a Kahoot through three vertical dots and then by selecting the option of “Duplicate.” You can paste it to design your own Kahoot. 

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