Kahoot vs Mentimeter

Kahoot Vs Mentimeter: Which One Works Better

You know which one is better in kahoot vs mentimeter! Although Kahoot is a great learning tool, users often get stuck when comparing Kahoot with the Mentimeter & they need help deciding which is best. Let me help you with this. 

In this article, we will share the complete details of the comparison of features, pros, and cons of the Kahoot vs Mentimeter. This will be helpful to choose the correct option among these two. 

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Kahoot Vs Mentimeter: Comparison Of Nature & Feature

Kahoot and Mentimeter are interactive platforms that let you learn through the latest technology. The complete comparison of the Kahoot and Mentimeter is given below.

Features Of Quizzes 

The comparison of the quizzes in Kahoot and Mentimeter is given below:

Kahoot allows you to add award points at the end of the Kahoot quiz. You can set the time limit from 20 sec to 5 minutes. It automatically shows the top 5 participant’s scores on the leaderboard. Mentimeter is mainly used to develop the presentations. It allows you to add the timer to the quiz questions. Mentimeter allows you to turn on or off the option of assigning points. You can add the visualization dashboard that shows the participant’s points & quiz rankings. 
Features Difference between Kahoot and Mentimeter

Ease Of Use

Kahoot and Mentimeter both have a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. 

Kahoot Vs Mentimeter Brief Comparison Of Nature Feature

Availability Of Templates

In terms of template choice, these both allow the users to have the following features:

Kahoot allows you to use thousands of free samples to add and present your questions for various purposes. It allows you to access and will enable you to use around 26 templates. It’s useful for business orientations, mainly for team building, sessions, and meetings. 
Templates Availability: Kahoot vs Mentimeter

Integration Options

Kahoot and Mentimeter have integration options with PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Hopin, and Zoom.

Free And Paid Plans

  • In Kahoot, free plans allow you to add up to 10 participants. It will enable you to play thousands of Kahoots and use templates for free. For students, it will allow most of the features for free. 
  • You can use the Kahoot paid plans that vary according to the accounts, and you can choose to purchase its monthly or annual plans according to your requirements. 

Mentimeter Free And Paid Plans

  • The centimeter is limited to form 5 quizzes, 50 participants per month, and two questions. Once the given limit is reached, it will all be available again next month. 
  • The paid plans allow you to utilize all of the features, and you can add up the participants and increase the quiz limitations, too. For all the paid plans, it offers unlimited participants you can add here. It allows users to choose among their basic, pro & enterprise plans. 

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot And Mentimeter

Kahoot and Mentimeter have various benefits that make them exceptionally useful for the learning experience. Hereby, we will elaborate on the main pros and cons of Kahoot and Mentimeter in detail.

Pros Of Kahoot & Mentimeter

By using Kahoots, users can create their own Kahoots.Questions and answers can be randomized for each game.You can play & unlock all of the playing games.It allows you to add & create images, gifs, and media to your Kahoot.It allows 2000 participants to join the live sessions.You can send the performance reports using it.Twenty types of questions can be created using this.It can be connected with the LMS, PowerPoint & video conferencing tools.    In the free Mentimeter plan, you can access all types of questions.In the meantime, you can also view the presenter notes.You can add images and GIFs while creating quizzes.It presents the questions & participation-based performance rate. Along with the use of 5 emojis, you can also choose to set up the slide reactions.You can choose to autosave the questions asked during the live events. 
Kehoot vs Mentimeter: Pros

Cons Of Kahoot & Mentimeter

Following are The cons of Kahoot & Mentimeter as follows;

The live events don’t allow you to take real-time questions.You can only add ten players as participants in the game. You can add up to 2000 participants for the game sessions, even in the paid plans. It will not present detailed reports of the gaming performance.In the accessible mode, you cannot import the slides. You can only add 50 participants to the free plan within a month. It only allows a few templates. 
Kahoot vs Mentimeter: Cons

Which Is Better, Mentimeter Or Kahoot?

According to the users’ experiences, features, and specifications, Kahoot app is considered more diversified and complete with the latest helpful features through a single platform. Most of the users rated it as 4.6 out of 5. However, the Kahoot & Mentimeter are good on their own, but users show more satisfaction with using the Kahoot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the multimeter for free, but you are limited to adding up to about 50 participants per month. Afterward, you have to upgrade your plan to conduct it again within the same month. 

Kahoot has various types of games in, such as quizzes, polls, number games, algebraic expressions, etc. 

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