Kahoot Vs Slido

Kahoot Vs Slido: Which One is Better?

Do you know which one is a better platform in Kahoot vs Slido? Both are online platforms that allow you to access and communicate with the participants through quizzes or poll learning. Users are often stuck with which app they should use. 

I will share the complete details and comparison of Kahoot and Slido in this article. This comparison will provide insight into which app is perfect for you. 

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Brief Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Slido 

Quick Summary Of Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based learning tool that is easier and helps learners learn using gamifications such as quizzes. Users can create, share, and play in groups as well. 

Quick Summary Of Slido

It’s a great audience attention-seeking platform that is Majorly useful for engaging the participants in the form of quizzes and polls. Slido is best for virtual meetings and highly useful for conference organizers, presenters, and team leaders. 

Kahoot Vs Slido

FeaturesYou can integrate it with the Zoom meeting for video linking with the audience. Kahoot allows the students and learners to create and share their games. Kahoot’s gaming interface provides many options, such as quizzes, accurate falses, polls, slides, jumbles, and others. It offers the live video integration option to its users. After meetings, it provides the meeting analytics.  Slido provides multiple gaming options, such as multiple-choice questions, polls, ratings, and rankings. Majorly, it’s best to take surveys or polls. 
User InterfaceKahoot’s user interface is also easier and more accessible for every user. Slido has the most accessible user interface. 
PlatformsApplication, WebsiteApplication, Website
Free Platform FeaturesIn free basic plans, users can add ten players in a game session, and create and share the games. Many people can join the slide as participants for free. It includes access to 1 quiz per meeting and conducts the live polls, which are 3 for each event. 
Paid PlansUsers can organize a game session with up to 2000 participants by choosing the Kahoot paid plans. Users can explore all types of content and see the premium ready-made learning tools. With the paid plans, users can use the advanced privacy options, survey, add up to 1000 participants, export data, and include the moderation of the questions. 
IntegrationsYou can integrate the Kahoot app with PowerPoint, Microsoft Team,  zoom, Hopin, hubilo, and many others. Slido can be integrated with PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and Google Slides. 
Question limit’sThere’s a limitation of 100 questions per Kahoot, and there’s a limitation of 120 characters for each question. There are no limitations on the number of questions, but there are limitations on using 100,000 characters per session. 
Kahoot vs Slido

Pros and cons of Kahoot and Slido 

Pros of Kahoot & slido

When it comes to the pros, they both contain the following pros:

It’s user-friendly, which means it is easier to use. Students and teachers can also access the understanding and learning process.It activates and motivates the learners. Thousands of templates and ready-made quizzes can be used in paid plans. It also provides a gaming system that is easier to handle. It allows the users to take the meetings and engage in the friendly dashboard. After the presentations, the audience can do Q/As. You can check for the top themes. You can engage with the participants using the live polls. 
Pros of kahoot vs slido

Cons Of Kahoot & Slido 

The complete analysis of the cons of Kahoot and Slido is given below. 

You may lose data or work when you are not using the laptop. The individual progress-tracking process is highly tedious.The quizzes that the users create can be of poor quality and inappropriate.  People can troll and ask questions that can be challenging to answer for the host. Sometimes, there are delays in displaying and clicking the results. Its paid features are expensive. There are limited options for customization and templates. 
Cons of kahoot vs slido

Which One Is Better, Kahoot Or Slido? 

Both Kahoot and Slido are best in their way. Slido is best used for business purposes in a preferable way. Both Kahoot and Slido are considered more straightforward to use. Kahoot app is considered one of the best learning tools according to its features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the slide does not offer any monthly plans. You can choose to use their annual plans. Besides this, the users can access their event or meeting plan that lasts for seven days. 

Kahoot can motivate the students towards learning. According to the research, Kahoot is found in the K-12 and higher education environments. It’s proven to have a positive impact on students. 

Some students skip using Kahoot for home learning due to the cheating risks, and sometimes it becomes challenging to answer the questions. 

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