Kahoot Vs. Quizziz

Kahoot Vs Quizizz: Comparison Through Features

Mostly, users get stuck when choosing between Kahoot Vs. Quizizz. Both are following advanced technology and are highly beneficial. You must know about your requirements and features & then choose the one.

In this article, I will compare Kahoot and Quizizz features and details. This will help you to choose the correct option among them. 

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Kahoot vs. Quizizz: Detailed comparison

Features Of Kahoot And Quizzes

  • Kahoot: It offers more comprehensive options for surveys, quizzes, jumbles, online courses, discussions, polls, and many other game types. You have the option to customize the already existing quizzes and questions. Moreover, you can also add puzzles and polls to your account. You can choose team play, practice, flashcards, and other gaming modes.
  • Quizizz: This focuses more on the multiple choice questions than exploring the other exciting games. It allows the users to choose among the six different question types. It can be a great assessment tool. 

Game Types

  • Kahoot: Kahoot users can find the short answers to questions, polls, puzzles, true/false, etc. The host organizers can also enable privacy by viewing the students’ performance. 
  • Quizizz: There are many game modes such as Classic and Instructor-paced. The game types include fill-in-the-blank, open-ended, poll questions, true/false, matching, etc. Administrators can control the specific assignments, tasks, and activities individually. 

Role Of Kahoot And Quizizz In Learning

  • Kahoot provides teachers and learners with a vast collection of features, channels, and courses. Users can also share their learning material and publish it as a verified user. It allows the video conferencing option & also provides feedback. The users can download the student’s performance in Excel. 
  • Quizizz: you can assign quizzes as homework or conduct live quizzes. You can see the character icons while playing these games. It also includes an aligned LMS platform with it. It can be helpful for remote learning to make assessments and training purposes. 
Learning Comparison between kahoot Vs. quizizz

Paid Plans Of Kahoot And Quizzes 

  • Kahoot: The paid plans for Kahoot often start from $20; for the yearly plans, they charge above $50 depending on the type of premium plan. 
  • Quizizz: The monthly package can be expensive for the users, and their annual plans are cheaper. The paid work plans for the quizzes start from $79. 

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot And Quizizz

The complete comparison of the pros and cons of Kahoot & quizizz is given below. 

Analysis Of Pros Of Kahoot And Quizizz

It’s a great way to engage the students and workers; the host can take their advice.You can also introduce the prompts in the app to stimulate the conversations. You can easily import the public quizzes and then edit and use them. LMS platform aligned It’s also synced with the other popular school-using programs. 
Pros Of Kahoot Vs. Quizizz

Analysis Of Cons Of Kahoot And Quizizz 

The creators create Kahoots primarily present in better format and quality. If the player accidentally clicks on the answers, there are no go-back options. When you have an unstable internet connection, its working is annoying & it shares the disconnections. It’s a restricted learning platform. Sometimes, it needs to be corrected in giving the students scores, and it becomes difficult to locate the scores. Quizizz provides you with limited access to the quiz formats. When you assign the Google Classroom, sometimes it stays to show troubles in it. 
Cons Of Kahoot Vs. Quizizz

Which One Is Better: Kahoot Vs. Quizizz

Kahoot and Quizziz both offer fun learning concepts to the students. These two are separate websites, and they follow different patterns. Quizizz and kahoot offer you many games, including the different self and other team modes options. I have briefly mentioned the features of each in detail. You can choose the one that suits you best. Due to these factors, you can easily differentiate which one is better in kahoot Vs. quizizz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot was launched in 2013 and focused on learning by adding music, multiple games, points, and leaderboards. However, the quizzes are a recent innovation mainly focusing on formative assessment. It also includes various kinds of games but mainly focuses on multiple-choice questions. 

Yes, you can use the quizzes as an educational mode that allows the users to learn and teach through the quiz. 

These are the flashcard options that the teachers can use to discuss the questions after completing the assigned Kahoot. 

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