Kahoot Vs. Quizlet

Kahoot Vs. Quizlet: A Detailed Comparison

Kahoot is mainly an educational app that focuses on providing multiple gamings for learning; however, Quizlet allows you to find and play quizzes related to any subject or topic. 

In this article, I will discuss the detailed comparison of features and nature of Kahoot Vs. Quizlet. This will help you to find the most suitable platform. 

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Brief Comparison Of Kahoot Vs. Quizlet 

Features Outline

  • Kahoot: Kahoot makes using, creating, and sharing the gamification easier. This is majorly designed for learning, teaching, training, and playing to improve concepts. You can explore 
  • Quizlet: through the Quizlet, you can use flashcards, games, and other quizzes through which students and learners can remember things for the long term. It includes vast textbooks, study sets, a library, and questions. 

Ways Of Playing 

  • Kahoot: Through Kahoot, playing becomes more accessible by developing questions, class discussions, polls, quizzes, true-false presentations, and webinars. You can also play individually, in team mode, practice mode, Host, challenges, and flashcards. 
  • Quizlet: Quizlet makes you enable students to work in groups. You can play Quizlet in Quarterback, team play, and built-in movement. 

Usage Terms

  • Kahoot: The speed of some Kahoot games is too slow, which may be difficult for some students. In the inaccessible mode, you can add more than 10 participants. You can use it in ghost mode, use the app, and generate nicknames. 
  • Quizlet: Using the Quizlet app, you require at least six prayers, which you can play in team mode with three players. If you are looking for something to play individually, then it’s precisely not for you. 


  • Kahoot: you can check the notifications and all types of alerts related to the application. 
  • Quizlet: you will get all the notifications, alarms, and alerts related to its functioning. 

Free And Paid Plans:

  • Kahoot: in Kahoot free plans, you can utilize its limited features, including the study groups and number of participants. You can use its paid plans to improve learning by unlocking thousands of prepared templates. 
  • Quizlet:  you can use its essential features for free. Its subscriptions start from $35 per year. The paid features allow you to create the study groups and improve the creation. 

Customer Support

  • Kahoot: it provides 24/7 customer support using live chat and email. 
  • Quizlet: it provides 24/7 customer support through phone, email, or live chat. 

Pros And Cons Of Kahoot & Quizlet 

Pro’s Of Kahoot & Quizlet

Using Kahoot, users can generate games of different formats, such as presentations, challenges, and other purposes. The user interface is handy and user-friendly. You can easily find quiz topics on any subject and various issues. 
Kahoot Vs. Quizlet

Cons Of Kahoot And Quizlet

The free version of Kahoot is limited to offering multiple-choice question games only. The website is overstuffed, and finding the desired options takes time and effort. There are no customization options available in it. Easier to spam. It’s quite an expensive app.It shows the pronunciation wrong, so you must be careful while using the Quizlet. Many ads are running in the Quizlet that can be a cause of distraction for the students. 
Kahoot Vs. Quizlet

Which Is Better, Kahoot Vs Quizlet 

When it comes to the features, Kahoot offers you more features with a brighter and more engaging interface than Quizlet. In comparison, both students paid more attention to Kahoot and considered it more attractive than other educational applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot provides a brighter, more straightforward, cleaner interface that attracts users. Kahoot is attentive and helpful to the Students. Quizlet offers a clean & simple interface. For ease and to use only multiple choice questions, Quizlet is an ideal option for everyone. 

You can export data from the Quizlet as a spreadsheet and then import it into Kahoot to use and format the questions correctly. 

After the 2024 updates, the utilization options for the Quizlet become so limited. Moreover, the price structure for the account is also raised. 

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