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Kahoot Vs Gimkit: Which Platform Works Better?

Kahoot Vs Gimkit! Both are learning tools to upgrade the students’ knowledge and skills and to connect them to active learning activities. 

Most people don’t like a single platform for learning and want to explore the best one after comparison and according to its features. 

In this article, I will compare the features and detailed analysis of Kahoot Vs Gimkit. Through this comparison, you can choose the one that suits you in terms of learning according to your choices.

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Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs Gimkit

Kahoot and Gimkit are learning platforms that provide extensive and easier experiences for students. For choosing the best platform from these, you can check for comparisons that are helpful in choosing and investing in the right format. 

Detailed Comparison Of Kahoot Vs Gimkit
Kahoot Gimkit
Unique FeaturesYou can create, share, and learn through their mobile app from anywhere. Using the ghost mode, students can play against themselves and practice to win different rounds. Students can generate aliases (nicknames) for playing games. You can create 4 types of accounts.Student can create his own kahoot quiz. Using this, students can earn prizes for answering eight questions, and they can purchase upgrade plans through this. Teachers can allow students to view their points and projects on the screen together and compete. 
PlatformsWebsite and mobile applicationWebsite 
Game modesIt includes 10+ game modes to play games. It includes only 3 game modes for playing games. 
Class SizeYou can add 10 players in the free mode. In the classroom, you can add up to 50 students. For paid plans, you can add up to 2000 students. You can invite and add as many students as you want to both the free and paid plans. 
Analysis Of Learning ExperienceUsing Kahoot, you can add videos, polls, quizzes, games, and courses to provide unlimited educational experiences to the students. It provides a vast collection of challenges and experiments to play the games and stimulate the students.You can create your own open-ended questions, polls, and puzzles and share them with your friends. Teachers can create assessments and presentations and conduct live sessions through the games. Kahoot only shows the questions and the choices. They use high-quality visuals, soundtracks, and independent screens to play a variety of games. It builds up the foundation of other game shows and excites students to learn more through gamification. You can earn money through correct answers. It provides power-up options for the students. You can play in classic and team modes to compete and play games. It repeats the questions many times until you correctly answer them. You can earn points through this. Gimkit shows both the questions and the answers on the student’s screen. 
Ease of useKahoot makes it easier to create accounts for both free and paid plans. You can quickly and effectively create games, quizzes, and other learning content for the students. It offers multiple options for customization. Through email or Google accounts, you can sign up for your account. Its interface is easier to use. Within a few minutes, you can create your quizzes and games. There’s no need for you to sign up as a student to participate in the games. Students can also create their own accounts on Kahoot. 
Assessment and classroom analysisClassroom homework will provide you with complete feedback about the right and wrong answers. It sends the analysis of the answer points to each student. You can also generate the reports and download them to Google Drive.After the completion of each game and the assignments, it will show you the results and answers. However, it doesn’t show or compare the student’s scores. Gimkit provides you with comprehensive reports. 
Comparison between Kahoot Vs Gimkit

Which One Is Better? Kahoot Vs Gimkit

Kahoot and Gimkit are both amazing and provide you with detailed information on the educational fields. Kahoot includes the 3 modes while there are different types and modes of the games that you can play on your browser. These are best for the knowledge and testing students. 

Which One Is Better between Kahoot Vs Gimkit

However, overall, the limit appears and includes content that is primarily for children. Kahoot offers the types of content and gamification that are for primary to high education students and professionals as well. However, students can play their favorite Kahoot games. There are many users who support and consider Gimkit over Kahoot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gimkit is more like a video game learning that is just like the Kahoot built-in features. Kahoot is highly known and quiz is the most playful game in the learning by students. Gimkit is different from Kahoot because it contains different game modes and varieties of Kahoot.

Gimkit is free to use for their users. Besides this, you can also get your paid plans according to your account requirements.

Gimkit offers and suggests more varieties of gamification. Kahoot offers games that also include various types of quizzes, questions and other fun games, including puzzles and other game options. 

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