How does kahoot make money

How Does Kahoot Make Money? A Complete Guide

You know how does kahoot make money? Aside from providing an interface to create, play, and share the Kahoots, it generates income, and users can earn through this. Kahoot app is one of the leading tech companies. Let’s explore their money-earning ways.

 In this article, I will share the complete details of how does Kahoot make money and how you can generate money through the different ways on Kahoot. 

How Does Kahoot Make Money? Best Methods

Kahoot is an e-learning platform that uses different mediums to make it more exciting for the users. Here’s the complete detailing of the ways through which the Kahoot app is making money:

Premium Subscriptions:

Kahoot is offering premium subscriptions to the users of all accounts. Users can unlock exceptional features through their paid versions, and Kahoot generates money through millions of premium users. They are offering both monthly and annual subscription plans. They have various premium packages that are as follows:

  • Kahoot standard plans, presenter, and pro-Kahoot plans for teams
  • Kahoot starter, Kahoot pro, Kahoot premium+, Kahoot 360

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Kahoot also makes money through partnerships with brands and content owners. It is becoming more popular, and these partnerships help generate income through their game-based learning. These partnerships with other brands also expand Kahoot’s business opportunities. 

How Does Kahoot Make Money through partnerships?


Kahoot is also generating income by running ads on their websites and content; these ads can be switched off by selecting the particular Kahoot package. Therefore, we can easily consider these ads as a major source of income for kahoot.


Kahoot is also making money through funding, and most of the investors, such as Disney Accelerator, General Atlantic, Microsoft, Northzone, and Creandum, are providing notable funding to Kahoot. These are the sources through which kahoot generates revenue.

Licensing Of Games To Third Party Publishers:

They are also generating income through third-party publishers. Through the Kahoot content, they can grow and engage their audience through this partnership. The other websites and applications are also purchasing the materials and gaming access from Kahoot are paid. 

How You Can Make Money Through Kahoot?

  • You can also generate income through Kahoot with the help of a verified profile. When you become the marketplace seller at Kahoot, you can generate revenue through the findings and purchases. Through the marketplace, sellers from all across the world can buy your content.
  • Users can sell their courses, activities, lessons, and educational materials on Kahoot. You can conduct webinars and paid live sessions through the Kahoot app. 
  • The creators using the premium Kahoot plans can feature their materials and educational courses to sell on the marketplace through which they can generate revenues. 
  • Business owners can use their services to seek help and suggestions and can promote their business by applying growth strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot’s business model also provides the freemium along with its premium packages. This package excites students and users who want to use the free educational and learning tools with basic features. However, users can purchase the Kahoot premium plans to explore the additional features. 

Kahoot is free for everyone for the basic plan. However, the upgrade account options for premium features for teachers, professionals, workspaces, students, and families pay for Kahoot.

Kahoot is the best learning tool with a more straightforward interface and easy to use. That’s why Kahoot has excellent value and is worth it. 

Kahoot is still free for making and creating Kahoots; however, to publicly share these cahoots, you need the premium features. 

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