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Kahoot Login For Professionals – Plans & Benefits

Kahoot is highly useful for professionals and teachers, and it introduces a new digital learning theme that engages learners in a fun way with their studies. Kahoot For Professionals unlocks new and innovative ideas and patterns for professionals to polish their skills.

Mostly, people need clarification on Kahoot profession account utilization and face issues playing Kahoot.

In this article, I will elaborate on the importance and utilization of professional accounts, the features of basic and pro accounts, and how you can play, share, and create Kahoot games for free for professional use.

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Kahoot For Professionals: Features And Importance

Kahoot is a great medium of learning for teachers and professionals. You can explore and find relevant content anytime there. Professional people can use this research-based platform to get innovative ideas about their work. Besides this, they can manage their work communities and groups, get survey results, and much more using it.

It provides a learning space for everyone, from learners to leaders. It’s helpful to understand the concepts and to explore more content.

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Is Kahoot for professionals free to use?

This platform offers free educational learning features through available Kahoots and courses for teachers and learners. The accounts of hosts and creators require a subscription, and they are mostly in premium Kahoot. If you want to use Kahoot for business purposes, you can use its premium features in order to expand the benefits of Kahoot.

How many users can play Kahoot for free?

The basic features allow you to add and play Kahoot with ten players. Through this, you can access the basic games, create your kahoots, and engage in groups that contain members of up to 10 players. You can click on Kahoot and play it as a host or solo player to play the games in free mode.

For personal use, premium offers allow you to add up to 50 players who can play a game within this limit. Besides this, you can also exceed this game limit of up to 100 players once a month. This boost does not need to be generated; it will be automatically available the next day.

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How Can Professionals Play Kahoot For Free? 

In a free Kahoot! account, you can share and play it with your friends and classmates through Google Meets and study groups, and assign or share the game pins using social platforms.

1. Share Games And Add Players As A Host

  • You can click on the game for this purpose and add up to ten players to play the Kahoots. You can enjoy playing using different mediums for free in the host mode. For screen sharing, you can also play the games using Google Meet.
  • To use it as a host, click on a particular Kahoot, which will show you the host option. Click on that.
  • Afterward, it will represent the four shareable options.
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2. Play Solo For Free 

  • After clicking on the particular Kahoot, you can see the “play solo” option. Click on that.
  • You will get the option of “flashcards” and also choose “practice” to play the kahoots for free.
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How Can Professionals Create a Kahoot for Free?

Yes, you can also create your Kahoot for free. Kahoot offers you the option to play it for free. You can also create personalized topic content in the form of a quiz using the create option in the lower bar of your Kahoot homepage. Click on the Create icon there. Afterward, you can add your questions and media to create one.

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What is Kahoot Pro?

You can explore and unlock new features and unlimited access to the games and learning using Kahoot Pro. You can select multiple games and puzzles, increase polling, create courses, and create thousands of usable presentation slides. Using Kahoot Pro, you can play Kahoot with up to 100 players. These are paid plans according to your account type.

Pro Plans of Kahoot For Professionals

You can also upgrade your Kahoot features as a business or organization plan. For this purpose, you can also check out our article on Kahoot plans, where you can find complete details about your packages along with comparisons. As a businessperson, you can conduct various live sessions with the addition of 2000 people.

Besides this, you can also upgrade to the annual or monthly plan. You can add up the participants using the Kahoot business license, which is also part of the Kahoot plans.

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How Much Is Kahoot For Teachers?

You can explore most of the content and features for free as a teacher. However, there are still three upgrade options according to the features. After adopting these three options, you can add 100, 200, and 400 participants. The plans of Kahoot for Professionals teachers are as follows:

  • 1. Kahoot!+ Start for teachers costs $3.99 per teacher per month and $48 per year.
  • 2. Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers, which costs $7.99 per month and $96 per year.
  • 3. Kahoot!+ Max for teachers, which costs $12.99 per teacher per month and $156 per year.
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Benefits Of Kahoot For Professionals

Teachers play a major role in the lives of students and their learning. With the help of innovative methods and teaching experiences, students’ concepts can be resolved using gamification.

  1. Teachers can create lessons and activities using Kahoot for their learners.
  2. They can improve the learning abilities of children through the addition of gamification.
  3. It can enrich the lesson content more innovatively, and businesspeople can conduct sessions through it.
  4. Teachers can conduct online sessions using it. For instance, Kahoot!+ Start for teachers allows you to add up to 100 participants in the session. However, Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers and Kahoot!+ Max for teachers enable you to add 200 and 400 participants in Kahoot sessions, respectively.
  5. You can create exciting new games for your students and employees and share them publicly.
  6. Teachers and company owners can trace the performance of students and their workers, respectively.
  7. They can utilize millions of ready-made content and games for learning, teaching, and playing.
  8. Teachers can build up a healthy competition and increase the engagement rate of the students in class. It provides an exploration of the Kahoot courses.
  9. Business persons can add up participants through the paid license packages, which can enhance the performance of online working. They can collect, poll, and seek advice from their employees using it.

Most Played Kahoot By Professionals

Stephanie Brookes sets the world record for running the largest Kahoot at the district level. This Kahoot offers the students the largest learning platform to be a part of their learning that can clarify their concepts and an initiative towards digital learning. They participated in the largest digital game as a challenge and made it live streaming on YouTube. The game has registered 4092 participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Kahoot is free?

All of the basic Kahoot app games are free to play. That’s why teachers and students can use Kahoot for free. It is useful for learning purposes, and you can also upgrade it. You can also create, play, and share Kahoots for free.

Q. What Is the Difference Between Personal and Professional Kahoot?

Personal Kahoot is useful for personal and social use to connect with family, friends, and classmates to play and learn together. It’s helpful to engage students in learning and healthy competitive activities. However, Kahoot for professionals is used for profit and nonprofit work. It’s used for business purposes. It is important to conduct seminars, webinars, and sessions to seek business advice.

Q. What Is the Difference Between Kahoot Free and Kahoot Pro?

Kahoot Free is the basic Kahoot plan. It allows you to play Kahoots with ten players for free. Kahoot Pro plans offer new and unique learning tools, ideas, and features. You can add up to 100 players in the games and play together. Besides this, you can also add up and enjoy many more learning outcomes.

Q. Is Kahoot for adults?

Kahoot is a useful learning tool. It is available for both kids and adults. Adults can choose to play the pre-existing games or create their own games in the Kahoot! app. Besides this, they can play these games in study groups and share them with their friends.

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