Who Owns Kahoot

Who Owns Kahoot? History & Features

Do you know who owns kahoot? Kahoot app is an exciting medium that uses Kahoots, which are user-generated games. It’s a website and an application linked with education and learning. In this article, we will discuss Kahoot’s background, who owns Kahoot, and how it works. 

Who Owns Kahoot?

Kahoot is a Norwegian game-based online learning platform. It uses the gamification medium to engage and clarify the students’ concepts. In July 2023, Kahoot will be owned by General Atlantic, Glitrafjord, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and others for the $1.72 billion all-cash deal.

Kahoot Website, Application
Who owns kahoot?Kahoot ASA
Launched March 2013
LanguagesAvailable in 17 languages
Users 1.4 Million playing users
PurposeLearning through gamification 
Kahoot application launchingSeptember 2017
CountriesAvailable in 200 countries
Who owns kahoot

Kahoot’s peak rose after the COVID-19 pandemic when the schools and other institutes closed. This increases the importance of online learning. Its market value peaked in 2021 at $6.16 billion. 

How Kahoot Is Developed? History To Current Status

  • 2012: First of all, the idea of developing this website was introduced through the Norwegian University of Science and Technology project with the co-founders of the website Johan Brand, Asmund Furuseth, and Jamie Brooker, along with the collaboration of Professor Alfe Inge Wang. 
  • 2013: The website is released for public use.
  • 2017: Kahoot launches its Mobile application. 
  • July 2023: it’s announced in a plan that the company will be acquired by Goldman Sachs, General Atlantic, Glitrafjord AS, and Kirkbi Invest.
  • September 2023: The Kahoot company collaborated with the LEGO Foundation. 
  • 2024: The company is delisted from the Oslo Bors. 
Kehoot Developing History

Why Is Kahoot So Popular?

Kahoot has gained popularity instantly in a short time. Kahoot gained popularity due to the concept of their work, including the motivation and interactive student engagement in learning.

It helps the users to check their knowledge and acknowledge the information more easily and quickly. It’s a user-friendly medium that makes its content readily available to every user.

Moreover, it focuses on the latest learning concepts by avoiding the old learning concepts. Kahoot includes a variety of quizzes, polls, presentations, courses, and other learning activities. 

A Quick Outline Of Kahoot Aim, Purposes And Features 

There are many features of using kahoot that are as follow:

  • The primary purpose of the Kahoot company is to build the student’s engagement towards learning. 
  • It motivates students and builds the concepts. 
  • It makes the instructors able to test the student’s knowledge.
  • Anyone can use its free basic features to play Kahoots with up to 10 participants.
  • It allows the users to create the kahoots and uses the already present kahoot samples. 
  • You can play Kahoots in different modes and share it with your friends.
  • You can create study groups using Kahoot.
  • Anyone can also use the Kahoot courses and set their weekly goals. 
  • It allows four types of accounts that anyone can create and use the paid plans and account features accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot is an online AI-based platform that uses the AI medium to serve assessments, gamifications, and learning. It’s used by business people, colleges, professionals, Schools, and universities. 

Disney owns 4 percent of Kahoot. According to the reports, this deal with Disney gave the company a valuation of $376 million. 

Right now, Kahoot is owned by Goldman Sachs, who showed the mindset to acquire Kahoot ASA to serve Learning and education Schools and enterprises. It’s a private company. 

Kahoot is written in typescript on the front end and Java on the back end. These two languages are similar to each other but are different. 

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