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Kahoot School: How It Works? Features, Subscriptions, & Benefits

Kahoot School offers knowledge- and concept-based learning and modifies the meaning of education with the collaboration of game fun.

Most of the users don’t know how to use Kahoot School or how it can change their learning perspective using technology.

In this article, I will share the complete details of Kahoot School, including how you can access, use, create, share, and play learning games. It includes all the step-by-step guidance and benefits of utilizing Kahoot School.

What is Kahoot School? Overview

Kahoot provides gamification learning tools for classrooms. It transforms into a high-class online learning school through its features, online study materials, and quiz games. This application is easily accessible by both teachers and students.

Kahoot School offers knowledge- and concept-based learning and modifies the meaning of education with the collaboration of game fun.

Kahoot School

How Can Students Use Kahoot For School?

It’s quite easy to use Kahoot. To use Kahoot School, you must have an account, whether a teacher or a learner. If you don’t have an account, you can create it by providing your email, name, and date of birth. 

Afterward, you need to log in to your Kahoot account to access all the features of Kahoot School.

Steps For Using Kahoot

As a student, you will learn it’s a great way of teaching. To use Kahoot for school, you have to follow the following:

  1. First of all, open the Kahoot app or website in your browser.
  2. Login to your Kahoot account by following the directions. 

Kahoot School Login

Whether you are a teacher or student, you can easily log in to your account by following the following steps:

  • First of all, open Kahoot.com using your browser.
  • Afterward, you will see a tab on your device that shows the options of signing up, playing, and logging in.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Enter your email and password to access the account. 
  1. Afterward, you can use it to play or create Kahoots.

How to Play Kahoot at School?

Using Kahoot at school, you can learn and play different quiz games with your friends and classmates. To play Kahoot at school, you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all, open the Kahoot application or website.
  • Now, you have to log in to your account.
  • You can now search and click on the play option for your assigned topics.
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How do I create study groups at Kahoot School?

You can also create study groups and add people using your Kahoot account. For this purpose, you have to follow these steps;

  • First of all, open your Kahoot application. 
  • Log in to your account.
  • Scroll down on the discovery page, where you can see the option of study groups. 
  • If you don’t have a study group, you can create one for your family, friends, or classmates. 
  • Click on the option of a study group.”
  • Afterward, it will ask for a group image and name. At this moment, I chose according to my study area.
  • Now click on the Create button.
  • After that, you can add participants to your study group. You can add members.
  • You can share the group link using social platforms and in this way, you can complete and challenge assessments for more fun fun fun fun learning.
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Kahoot School Subscription Plans And Details

You can also subscribe to Kahoot at school as a teacher or student. This subscription will lead to the creation of new concepts with upgraded features. For subscriptions, Kahoot offers three different types of plans that are on a monthly or annual basis.

Kahoot! Plans For Teachers

You can also learn and play games with the premium features using the Kahoot school subscriptions. You can find three types of Kahoot school plans that are as follows;

1. Kahoot!+ Start for teachers costs $48/year.

2. Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers costs $96/year.

3. Kahoot!+ Max for teachers costs $156/year.

Kahoot! For Higher Education Plan

For higher education students, Kahoot is also useful for learning and experiencing study materials. Following are the Kahoot educational plans for higher students, which are:

1. Kahoot!+ Start for Higher ed educators costs $96/year

2. Kahoot!+ Premier for Higher ed educators costs $180/year

3. Kahoot!+ Max for Higher education educators costs $300/year

Advanced Features Of Kahoot School Subscription

Using the Kahoot in school plans, teachers will benefit from the Kahoot application. Their subscription will make you eligible for the following:

  • It will eliminate any learning barrier and help create memorable lessons.
  • You can enrich your study levels by exploring future-ready skills. 
  • You can check the students’ performance and compare and analyze their learning progress.
  • You can access the already prepared Premium content about the knowledge.

Kahoot School Objects And Subjects Analysis

  • Kahoot Objects

Kahoot also included the School objects within it. Most of the international school’s textbook content is also shared on Kahoot through gamification. Teachers can also create these objects in the Kahoot app using their accounts to test their student’s knowledge. Kahoot objects include the series of grades 3 to onward, engaging and taking student assessments. 

  • School Subjects

You can access all of the subjects on the Kahoot application. It’s a single learning experience that will encourage you to learn about all the subjects. At this time, you can find any subject for all grades. Teachers can access and utilize the ready content about each subject. 

You can also get free presentations and webinars. Moreover, it includes and covers almost all types and categories of subjects and topics. You can also use its search bar to learn or test about a particular subject. 

Benefits Of Kahoot School

  • Using the Kahoot account, students can test their knowledge themselves.
  • Students can engage in healthy learning activities.
  • Teachers can use it to test the students’ assessments and concepts. 
  • You can create your knowledge-based fun games and send challenges to your friends.
  • You can create study groups using Kahoot School. 
  • From K-12 to higher education, anyone can use this application for understanding and in-depth analysis of their learning. 
  • Using endless presentation tools, you can click on endless presentation slides to explore knowledge. 
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  • You can switch in the study modes by choosing the classic or team mode playing options. 
  • In the classroom, a host can check and prepare the complete assessment to analyze students’ learning.
  • You can easily convert the PDFs into Kahoots. 
  • It increases the concentration and focus of the students, and they can review the lesson content. 

Is Kahoot good for school? Analysis Of Reviews 

According to the teacher’s and students’ reviews, this application is a good innovative idea for enhancing students’ learning capacity. It’s a great and exceptional learning idea for social studies. These exciting challenges and Kahoot quizzes also keep up the learning and understanding abilities. It improves healthy and active competition among the school students. As a teacher, it’s a great way to utilize this platform in their classrooms. Due to the capabilities of this platform, teachers love this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot offers free learning services and gamifications from K–12 school teachers. This learning and management tool is highly useful for the school system You can use it with your students to boost their understanding of concepts.

Kahoot is one platform where you can also utilize it for school learning. The assigned version of Kahoot for the students to assign assessments reviews their learning experiences, using questions and answers mostly in the quiz format.

Kahoot accounts are a safe addition to the learning experience. These Kahoots are safe to use for students. There’s no inappropriate type of content on the platform. Inappropriate content is immediately removed directly by the Kahoot community. There’s no medium for sharing information with strangers or interacting with them. 

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